20 years of tradition for me have now ended

Ever since the first games came out in 1998, I’ve had a tradition with the Pokémon games: I don’t pick a favourite. I’ve always just loved so many, and so much that it’s impossible to do anyways, and it would always be a disappointment to play a game where my favourite wasn’t available.

Now, I’m waiting until tomorrow to talk about E3, since it doesn’t officially start until then, despite the fact that every game company will have had their press conference before then, BUT this announcement came out irrespective of E3, so I feel it’s okay to talk about right now. The Pokémon Company International released a special Nintendo Direct last week where they revealed a ton of new info on the brand new games, Sword and Shield. I’ve already discussed my thoughts on the game and starters here, but they revealed so much more, including quite a few new Pokémon, and even the legendary pair of the game.

Among these new Pokémon is something which the very INSTANT I saw it, I immediately knew my tradition had come to an end. In the first minute or so of the direct, it flashes on the screen for maybe 2 or 3 seconds, and I’m sure all my neighbours in the apartment building heard me literally scream “what is THAT?!” when I saw it. Then a little later, we see it again, for a couple seconds, and again I yelled out “I need that!”

This Pokémon was finally given a name a little later: Corviknight. Now I know the internet right now is really falling in love with Wooloo, and sure it’s cute, but Corviknight is my BOY. It’s name is a portmanteau of corvid and knight, and it looks like a cross between a raven and the Black Knight. It’s type is Flying/Steel which is reminiscent of Skarmory, but it’s also slightly different too. Now this is going to sound like a dumb tangent to go on but I swear I’m going somewhere here.

In Pokémon games, there’s a primary type, and a secondary type. Some Pokémon only have a primary, and some have both, but something weird about Flying types is that until 2011, there wasn’t a single Pokémon in existence that was just “Flying” type and nothing else, and it wasn’t until 2013 that we got any Pokémon that were primary Flying type. That’s right, not even Pidgey, or any of your favourite birds are primarily Flying. Until Corviknight. I saw a theory somewhere that explains why too. See, we’ve already seen a shadowy “Pokémon taxi” kind of thing that takes you from place to place as Corviknight does.

Everyone’s wondered for years what that’s supposed to be. I mean… Okay. Nobody’s actually wondered, since it’s supposed to just be a generic shadow to represent the Pokémon flying you around, but you have to admit, if Corviknight was the Pokémon flying you around this whole time, and it’s been seen for decades every time you use the move “Fly,” it’d make sense that it’s primary type would be Flying, even though no other bird gets that honour.

Alright tangent over. Long story short, I love this new raven knight, and I will definitely be using it in every future game, and I’ve also already come up with the perfect name for it too! “Halberd” like Meta Knight’s ship for two reasons. One, it’s a great transportation Pokémon, and two, because both Meta Knight and Corviknight are seen by many as being evil or scary, when in fact they’re very virtuous and knightly, and always do what’s right.

Man I can’t wait for Sword and Shield. What’s your favourite Pokémon?