AGDQ: Gaming for a Good Cause

Awesome Games Done Quick, AGDQ for short, is an incredible event that happens twice a year where gamers get together and play games as fast as possible to raise money for charity. Last year they raised over 2 million dollars for charity with just the winter event alone. It’s happening once again this week and the charity in question is the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a charity which has been around since 1986 and has raised a ton of money for cancer research and treatment.

If you don’t know what speedrunning is, it’s essentially where somebody tries to get to the end of a game as quickly as possible, with varying levels of completion. At AGDQ they’ve got some games being run Any%, which just means getting to the credits while exploiting whatever glitches they can, and they’ve also got some games being run 100%, which should be self-explanatory.

Seeing your favourite game utterly destroyed in a matter of minutes is absolutely exhilarating, and the level of skill and knowledge on display is incredible. There’s also a huge diversity in the games on display. Some of my favourite games, some games I don’t care about, and some I’ve never heard of. All of them have really interesting speedruns, and the commentary always helps make it easier to understand what’s happening, while generally being quite entertaining in it’s own right.

Check out the event here, and if you’re feeling generous enough to donate, you can do that here. Let’s all work together to destroy cancer.

Here’s a run from last summer, if you want to watch a fairly short video to see if it’s the kind of thing you’re interested in watching.

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