Bill and Melinda Gates Annual Letter

Every year, the Gates family release a letter where they talk about things going on in the world, and what they’re planning on doing to fix it. This year, they talked about a bunch of things that were surprising to them, and why they can take those surprises, and use that knowledge to make the world a better place.

The two that caught my attention most was the fact that Africa is the youngest continent in terms of average age, and that textbooks are becoming obsolete.

The average age in Africa is 18 years old due to a lot of reasons, and that’s really exciting because those young people are the future of our world, and if they can be educated, and healthy, they can make a real positive difference.

The fact that textbooks are becoming obsolete is also pretty great. Although at the same time, it’s a little frightening how much money is spent on them when you can basically get all that information for free on the internet now. People spent more money last year on textbooks than any other kind of literature.

You can check out the Gates letter at this link. What parts of it surprised you?