You Should Rethink That Diet You’re Going On

If you’ve ever gone on a diet, have you ever noticed how you seem to gain back all the weight you lost, and maybe gain a bit more too? Well it turns out that’s totally normal. If you avoid a certain number of calories or certain foods, your body will start to feel like it’s being starved, which is great for your survival, but terrible for weight loss. Every day you don’t get enough calories for your body’s basic functions, you actually lose weight slower and slower, as your body becomes more efficient at making the most use of the little food it does get; using less energy to do the same things, and not wasting the energy stores in your fat cells.

Here’s the worst part too: once you start eating normally again, those effects don’t go away. Your body will start storing as much extra energy as it can, it’ll keep being not burning fat cells, and it’ll keep using less energy than normal. And those effects stay for years.

If you’re wanting to lose weight, it’s better to try and eat healthy, rather than just cutting out one part of your diet, be it sodium, sugar, fat, calories, or whatever else. Eat more vegetables, eat less greasy food, drink water instead of soda, but please, for the love of God, don’t starve yourself or go on any extreme diets, and if you start to feel hungry? Eat. Because not eating could actually mean you’ll gain weight, instead of losing it.