Eatable Alcohol Infused Popcorn | Part 2

A few months ago I shared a new product I had tried – Eatable Alcohol Infused Popcorn. It quickly became one of my favourite snacks! Eatable offers all natural whole grain popcorn with alcohol infused coatings, and it’s made in Canada! They are constantly releasing new flavours and I just HAD to share my thoughts with my listeners!

Poppin Peach Bellini is made with peace wine from Konzalmen Estate Winery. It’s like throwing a bag of fuzzy peaches in your popcorn. The peach coating is like a sweet, juicy peach bursting in your mouth. Pop The Salt and Tequila was one I was really scared to try, but I was pleasantly surprised! This is popcorn covered in a crunchy coating of tequila infused caramel with lemon salt. Sounds crazy right? It’s actually SO good! It’s a smooth, sweet caramel with just a touch of sour lemon. If you remember from my last post, they also have a whiskey caramel that is kind of smoky. If you haven’t read about the other flavours, check it out here!