Gift Cards. Good gift, bad gift?

Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a “bad gift” but secretly we all know there is 100% such thing as a bad gift. You can look a gift horse in the mouth, you just have to do it quietly to yourself so the giver isn’t offended or hurt.

And that’s okay. You’re allowed to not love a gift you got.

But acknowledging that bad gifts exist raises the question: How do you not give bad gifts? Or more specifically: Is getting someone a gift card a bad gift?

I’m singling out gift cards here because I feel like they’re criminally underrated as a gift option.

Second only to underwear and socks, gift cards are the gift that most often gets pointed to as being a lazy or thoughtless gift. And it makes sense! You could totally interpret receiving a gift card as “I don’t know you enough to buy the gift myself” or “I don’t really like you enough to take the time to get you something personal”. Which is fair. They’re not exactly the most personal of gifts.

But! I’ve never actually met any one who didn’t like receiving them. Nor have I ever disliked receiving them. So are they really that bad? I asked the kix listeners on Facebook and from what I could tell it was unanimously FOR gift cards as gifts.

So I say screw it! Get gift cards for everyone! As long as you get a card for a store they actually like then it’s a terrific gift. If you don’t know what they like, get them an Amazon gift card! Then they can get whatever they want! By that logic, you could just skip that and get a prepaid visa. Or even skip that step and just give them money. But I feel like that wraps back around to being a lazy gift… kind of paradoxical but I think it’s true.

TL;DR: gift cards are sweet. Go stock up on them for this year.