‘Halloween’ Review

Hey everyone! Y’all know that I am a lover of all things dark and twisty, so when they announced they would be releasing another Halloween movie I was so excited! And oh my gosh, I wasn’t disappointed!

Heading into the movie the only bad thing I had heard was that it wasn’t very gory. But as someone who LOVES gore, I wasn’t let down with the gore factor.  It was REALISTIC! That kid getting impaled on the fence was pretty cool. But it wasn’t just about the gore, it was about the trauma that Laurie Strode suffered, how it affected her entire life…and how it turned her into a total badass.

The casting was fantastic; Jamie Lee Curtis was absolutely amazing.Overall, the story was truly a work of art, it was really a fitting ending for the franchise. Ya know how sometimes a franchise will end and you feel like it didn’t get the ending it deserved? I don’t feel that here. I feel like John Carpenter, and Laurie Strode, can be happy with the way things ended. Halloween has made an insane amount of money, $90, 892, 300 as of October 26th to be exact, which is the most a Halloween movie has ever made at the box office. I really hope they don’t try to make another one just for the money and ruin what they’ve accomplished with this movie; giving the fans a proper end.

I would like to know what happened to Julian though. Is he safe?