How to be More Productive

Have you gotten everything done this week that you wanted to?
Does it feel like a productive week?

Here are 5 tips on how to be more productive at work… if that’s what you want 😉

1. Stop Planning & Start Doing
Spending too much time at the planning stage can cause a lot of projects to get hung up.
Some people make the mistake of always being in the planning stage.
Meetings can cause this. Stop meeting about it… and just do it!

2. Don’t always say yes to every request
Saying yes to every co-worker can cause your schedule to fall behind.
Now if the boss requests something… that’s obviously a different story.

3. Don’t be a Perfectionist
If you chase perfection… it’ll take a lot longer to get something done.
This will likely cause a drop in being productive.
Get things done to the best of your ability… while only spending a reasonable time on it.

4. Get everything out of your head
Stop doing things by memory and write it down.
Lists can be a great way to accomplish things.

5. Review and Measure your Accomplishments
At the end of the week its always good go over what you have done.
That way you can also see what should be in store for the following week.
And it makes you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something!

You know what’s good about these 5 tips?
They can also be useful in your home life too!