How to make me cry

I cried so much at the wedding I was at this weekend, and for a guy who has trouble expressing his emotions, it was a really refreshing experience for me, so here’s a few methods you could probably use to make me tear up a little.

Invite me to your wedding. Simple as that, just seeing the invitation in the mail will put tears in my eyes, though I guess you won’t be able to see it, so maybe not lol

Tell me that something I said or did impacted you in some way. My friend told me his reasoning for putting me on his wedding party, and it was such a simple thing, but just the thought that I had in some way affected his life was enough to get me choking up.

Play THIS SONG at any point literally anywhere. I can’t play it while I’m driving anymore because I stop being able to see the road. It’s… bad. I mean the song is fantastic, but my reaction to it is maybe a little extreme.

That’s pretty much it tbh. Like I said, I’m not really the kind of guy to cry often, so it takes something special to get me going, and these things are pretty small, but they feel special to me, so they always make me cry. Though, I suppose this is all happy-crying, and not sad-crying. I have no idea how I could become sad enough to actually cry, and if you attempt it, I’ll probably never want to speak to you ever again.