How to Recommend a Movie to Me

Short story: you probably can’t.

Long story… Well I’m kind of a stubborn idiot when it comes to these kinds of things. When I have a bunch of people tell me I need to check something out, I’m probably less and less likely to check it out with each new recommendation. It’s a mentality that I’m sure a lot of people share, and it’s one I’m trying to get away from, but unfortunately that’s the case. It seems like the best way to get me to actually watch something, is to either completely hook me by offhandedly mentioning the coolest parts of it while talking about something else, or by just sitting me down and forcing me to watch it with you.

I was watching a YouTube video the other day, and it mentioned off-handedly a movie I’d never heard of, “A Silent Voice.” It went into a little bit of the plot, and just from that like… 25 seconds of briefly saying what it was about, I was hooked. I stopped that video, pulled up Netflix, and watched all 2.5 hours of it immediately at… 2AM… Look, we’re talking about my movie watching problem, not my time-management problem, okay?

Anyways, if you want to recommend me a movie, good luck. I’m trying really hard to get better about actually trying the things people recommend to me, but it’s a little tough to just change my nature as a person like that.