How to Train Your Dragon 3

I read a lot of books as a kid. I still read a lot, just not in books. Instead all my reading comes in the form of things on the internet, or visual novels. One series I still love to go back and reread is the How To Train Your Dragon series. It’s actually way different from the movies, to the point where when people ask me which is better, I say that’s like asking whether Star Wars or Harry Potter is better. Like… they’re just so different, and both so good that it doesn’t make sense to compare them.

In the books, Hiccup is extremely knowledgeable about dragons from the beginning, not unlike the Hiccup from the movie, except in the books he knows so much that he can actually talk to dragons. Speaking a language called “Dragonese.” Also Toothless in the book is an adorable cat-sized dragon with no teeth whatsoever, and a stutter. I highly recommend the books if you want something fairly light and enjoyable to read, and nearly every page has great pictures on it as well, so there’s always something to visually capture your attention. I will warn you though: the books get pretty dark and intense as the series goes on, and you will cry. That’s not an exaggeration. Keep a box of tissues handy.

Dreamworks just revealed the trailer for the third HTTYD movie, and even though it’s not the books I grew up with, it still looks fantastic. Here it is.