“I Can See My House From Up Here!”

Recently, I did the coolest thing I’ve done in a long time. I flew up over the town of Peace River in an Ultralight aircraft. It was absolutely unreal. It was my first time ever in an ultralight, and hopefully not the last!






Before we even got into the plane, I was already grinning from ear to ear. Since moving up to Peace River, this has literally been a goal of mine, experience a flight in a small airplane. I’ve been on regular, big, passenger airplanes before… but you don’t wear a cool radio headset on one of those. So, I wanted the radio headset!

Anyway, if you don’t know what an ultralight airplane is, it’s basically what the name suggests. It’s a really small airplane and it’s super light weight.









As soon as all the pre-flight checks were done, we got into the airplane and strapped in. The strapping in process was really cool, too. You get these belts you put around both shoulders and buckle them up where your belt buckle typically sits. After that, you tighten the shoulder and waist straps just enough so that you can breathe but you’re still well strapped in.

Then the fun part, take off!

I say takeoff’s the fun bit because you really get a sense of how fast these things go in a straight line in order to take off! We were chugging along fairly quick! Then the feeling of lift? Well, you saw the video!

Once we got up in the air, the views were absolutely spectacular. I knew Peace River is a beautiful place, but would you just look at that?! Absolutely unbelievable.




























This was definitely an experience I will not soon forget. If you are ever presented with, offered, come across, whatever, the opportunity to fly… take it! It will be a memory you will never forget.