Lightning sparks eleven new wildfires in Slave Lake Forest Area

LESSER SLAVE LAKE — Several new wildfires in the Slave Lake Forest Area were caused by lightning storms over the weekend.

Of the eleven new fires discovered in the area over the last two days, nine of the wildfires are reported to be small, with firefighters now working to extinguish them. Of the new wildfires, one is located nineteen kilometres northeast of Trout Lake and is just over 100 hectares in size, while another is located eleven kilometres south of the Chipewyan Lakes and is currently estimated at 150 hectares. Government officials note that these fires are not threatening any communities at this time.

It’s also now confirmed that the two larger fires in the Slave Lake Forest Area have merged.

Despite the McMillan wildfire experiencing a slowdown in it’s growth over the weekend, the fire did gain some momentum by merging with a nearby smaller wildfire. According to officials, twelve kilometres of fire guard has been completed around the west and south sides of the wildfire, as yesterday saw firefighters working from the fire guards to extinguish ground fires.

Although the region would see some rainfall over the weekend, at this time the rain has not reached areas north of Lesser Slave Lake. However, precipitation could reach the areas affected by wildfire as early as this afternoon.

Other notable wildfires burning in the Slave Lake Forest Area are located:
– 5.8 and 3.7 kilometres west of Wabasca No. 166B and 166D
– 26.5 kilometres northeast of Marten Beach
– 32.8 kilometres northeast of Slave Lake
– 9.3 kilometres southeast of Trout Lake

Since the start of wildfire season, there has been 96 wildfires and 299,406 hectares burned in the Slave Lake Forest Area.

–Alex Rodgerson, Trending 55 News