Why on earth did they put these here?

It’s not the first anymore, but I guess someone at the station thought that April Fools lasts all month, because they decided to pull a prank on us. Now, I don’t know who did it, but they left a bowl of M&Ms downstairs in the break room. Fairly innocuous and considering that’s where people put treats and stuff that they want everyone to have a bit of, I reached in and grabbed one, thinking “oh Peanut M&Ms are my FAVOURITE.”

Well they WERE my favourite, until someone thought to put Jalapeño in them! At first it tasted normal. In fact, it almost tasted better than a normal peanut M&M, until I had already swallowed it, and found out where the cruel joke of this trickster came in. My mouth was on FIRE, and there was NOTHING I could do about it!

… Alright maybe I’m embellishing a little. Objectively I can say that the weren’t really that spicy, but I’m famously a man who doesn’t tend to do well with spicy food. I start to tear up when I have a bowl of Cactus Cut Potatoes at Boston Pizza. I am… “a wimp.” But that makes it even WORSE that someone did that! 🙁

Whoever did that to me, I’ve got a message for you: It was hilarious, but… >:(