Netflix Cancels ‘One Day At A Time’

One Day At A Time became an instant fan favourite when it premiered on Netflix in 2017. The show, based on the classic sitcom, tells the story of a veteran and single mother raising her two children with the help of her Cuban immigrant mother. It powerfully, and beautifully, touched on subjects like immigration, homosexuality, PTSD, racism, sexism and so many other important topics in our current political climate. The show released it’s third season earlier this year and for the past couple months Netflix has been deciding whether to renew for a fourth. They announced today that they did not have the views in the third season to renew for another, and they announced the news with more sincerity and care than I have ever seen a show cancellation be announced with before.

If you haven’t watched this fantastic Netflix original, I suggest that you do! You will love it, you will tweet your outrage, and maybe Netflix will (fingers crossed) change their minds.