Notley says NDP Member Denies Ordering Staffer to do Party Work

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley say’s Eric Rosendahl, a member of her party denies an accusation recently made stating he had one of his staffers do party work on government time.  Kathleen Westergaard came forward this week Accusing Rosendahl of making her do work for his re election despite it being against the rules. Westergaard was a constituency staffer, paid through the legislature Speaker’s office meaning while they can be members of a political party they are there to help members of any party and cannot do work only for the party they are with.


Westergaard says Rosendahl began asking her to do party work shortly after her employment in 2015. Tension peaked last spring when she declined Rosendahl’s request to do party work “Then one day he walked in last spring and he said, “Well we’re going to change your hours. From now on you’re going to work nothing but evenings and weekends and you’re going to spend all your time focusing on getting me re-elected.” she said in a statement. both Rosendahl and Notley deny the allegations and will not comment further.