Pineapples Can’t Prevent Cancer

So I got a message today from somebody, who shared a picture of some cool facts about the benefits of pineapples, and well… Most of the stuff is just flat out wrong, or totally misworded.
First, it says that it boosts immunity, which is based on exactly one study, conducted in the Philippines, so as you might guess, the kids who didn’t eat pineapple, probably also weren’t getting enough vitamin C. If you are getting enough, the benefits of pineapples are gonna be zilch.
It also says that it lowers the risk of cancer, which again is based on ONE STUDY which used juice from the entire pineapple, including the skin, and showed that it slightly suppressed growth of ovarian and colon cancer cells. Ones that were already there. So it doesn’t even lower the risk, just slightly reduces the speed at which it metastasizes.
It says it can aid with digestion which is… technically true? but you’d need to eat several dozen pineapples to even get any real benefits, due to not having enough of the enzyme bromelain (the stuff that helps out), and if you buy it in juice form, there’s basically no bromelain anyways, due to the way it’s processed.
Is it better than cough syrup? Like… slightly? I mean cough syrup is basically a placebo anyways, so it’s not hard to be better than that. You could say the same thing about strawberries or oranges, and those are way easier to eat.
Reduces Arthritis Pain: This one is actually true, SLIGHTLY. It has slight anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help ease joint inflammation in arthritis patients, but only if you eat the fruit raw, and not the juice.
Strengthens bones? Only insofar as it’s got Vitamin C, which can slightly help reduce bone loss, and again, you should probably be getting enough of that from your regular diet anyways.
Reduces period cramps – This one also seems to be true, since Pineapple has a lot of manganese, which helps out with that, and if you eat it in fruit form, the bromelain can help relax your muscles. That said, I feel like any other muscle relaxant will be more effective for that side of it, and if you’re already getting enough manganese, a pineapple isn’t going to ease your pain much.

All in all, there’s some slight truths to a few of the things the image says, but it’s not really what the picture says. In reality, if you’re getting all the nutrients you need in a day, and have a balanced diet, you’re not going to really get any significant benefits. Also Pineapples can’t prevent cancer. Please… just… Talk to a dietitian to get yourself a balanced diet, and if you have any kind of health problems, talk to a DOCTOR! Pineapples, no matter what the internet SAYS they do, will not cure your osteoporosis. They will not cure your cold, and they won’t boost your immunity. Unless you’re just not eating well already. In which case, do eat pineapples! They’re full of great stuff that your body needs, but they’re not some kind of super food that’ll fix all your issues.