Selfie Deaths

A report was released on selfie deaths.

In a six year period 259 people perished while taking a selfie.

40% of those came out of India. Followed by Russia & The U.S.

72% of the victims are men, mainly under 30.
Women take more selfies, but men tend to take ones that are higher risk.

Drowning is the leading cause. Being washed away on a beach pier or falling out of a boat.

The second highest cause is things that involve transportation.
Including trying to take a quick snap in front of a train.

Other causes included fires, falls from high places, dangerous animals, and shooting oneself with a gun, most of the gun ones coming out of the States of course.

And selfie deaths are definitely trending in the wrong direction… averaging about a hundred a year now.

So next time you take a selfie, maybe determine the risk factor first.
Could this kill me? No? Ok… duck face.