Shady Orchard and Winery | Mixed Berry

The Mixed Berry wine from Shady Orchard and Winery is a blend of blueberries, saskatoons, raspberries and strawberries – all grown right in High Prairie. Upon uncorking I didn’t notice it as overly aromatic, the fragrance didn’t quite ‘fill the room’ like some of their other wines but that’s not to say it doesn’t have a beautiful scent, it just wasn’t as pungent; and there is no doubt that it is very flavorful. I’m not even sure which berry flavour came through the most – they all blend together so beautifully. It is a very smooth and very sweet wine. There is zero dryness and zero bitterness. This sweet berry wine would be a perfect spritzer or summer sangria or just enjoy it straight up; perfect for lake side sipping this summer.

The Night Cap on KIX FM is brought to you by Shady Orchard and Winery in High Prairie. Stop by to browse their vast selection of fruit wines or get your bottle at High Prairie Liquor Store, the Falher Liquor Store or the Mclennan Liquor Store. Like them on Facebook to see when they might be at a Farmer’s Market near you. Enjoy responsibly.