This post contains no Endgame spoilers

But it does contain my opinions on the whole “spoiler culture” that Marvel seems to have tapped into. Everyone’s got this massive fear of spoilers these days, like you’d think it’s a federal offence when you tell someone what happens in a movie/tv show/book/video game they haven’t experienced yet. The MCU have tapped into this and used it to promote their movies by doing a bunch of stuff that any other studio would never consider for a second. They refuse to give their actors scripts. They reshoot nearly every scene 4 or 5 times with different endings, so that the people involved can’t be certain which one is the real one. They have all the actors sign NDAs so they can’t go out and talk about what they do know.

I’ve never watched an interview with an actor where the actor had to keep literally every part of the movie in question a secret. Every interview is simultaneously hilarious and cringey, just for the sheer fact that every word they say, they have to double back and make sure they haven’t broken any spoiler rules. Obviously it’s all hype and it’s all just another way to make people feel like they need to see the movie, and it’s worked. Endgame is the fastest grossing film ever, making 2 million in less than two weeks. My biggest problem with it is that it’s already an incredible movie. I hate that they had to put their actors through so much extra work for a hype campaign, when it would already have become one of the highest grossing films without it.

Maybe I’m the crazy one, but it just rubs me the wrong way. It gives me the same vibes as clickbait, you know? Like “Who dies in Avengers: Endgame?!?!” And you have to buy a ticket to find out, and you NEED to find out, because you keep seeing it everywhere, and you don’t have the answer, and it keeps getting pushed in your face. I suppose the good thing is that it’s only this one studio doing this. If other movie studios start doing stuff like this, I might have to just cancel movies forever.