Stop Telling Me How To Vote

I’m getting sick and tired of people trying to tell me how to cast my vote. Everyday I wake up, think about the election, and like so many others try to pick a party I think will work best for Canada, and for me. I’m constantly told who I should vote for, and the reason people give for voting for the party they choose, are usually some of the dumbest things I’ve heard in my entire life. It’s very rare that you can sit down with someone voting for a particular party, and actually hear a coherent reason to vote that party in. Why don’t we encourage people to look up the party platforms themselves, rather then telling them who to vote for? Especially when it comes to young people. We are living in a time of fear voting, and bully voting. This is a democracy, why do you feel the need to hate someone, attack, or think less of them because of the way they vote, it’s honestly pathetic.  My friends and I constantly disagree with each other on politics, but here’s the crazy thing………WE ARE ALL STILL FRIENDS!

Some of the things I hear constantly are ” Don’t vote for them if you care about the Canadian economy”, or ” Don’t vote for them unless you are racist”, and ” Don’t vote for them unless you want communism”. When you tell someone those things, have the appropriate information. Otherwise I’m just going to assume you tell me these things out of emotion, and your emotions don’t convince me to vote……The proper information does.


Also if you are one of those people who call out the other political parties, make sure you can look at the party you vote for and see its faults, and call them out for it.


Thanks for coming to my political rant.