The effect that forgiving can have

The effect our parents have on us can change who we are as adults. For some of us, our parents are a great positive influence, while for others… not so much. Emile Rosales-Birou (known online as Chuggaaconroy) had a very rocky relationship with his mother growing up. It got bad enough that he eventually completely cut her out of his life once he’d finally gotten the chance to move out. She didn’t understand him, and honestly she never made any attempts to. He’s described the time very unfondly, mentioning how they used to fight constantly.

Recently though, she reached out to him to apologize for the way she’d treated him, and he decided to forgive her and start to move forward. They’ve spent the last couple years rebuilding their relationship, and on Sunday, he released a mother’s day video where he sat with her and had fun for a half an hour. He showed her pictures of every fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and told her to guess what they were named. Despite the fact that there were such recognizable characters like Mario, Bowser, Kirby, Link, and tons of others, she got only 7/75 fighters. Her score isn’t what matters though. What matters is the genuine fun these two estranged family members were able to finally have, after such a tumultuous time.

This kind of thing makes me really hopeful for my own relationship with my parents which was equally rocky, and which I’ve made attempts recently to patch up. We’ll see if I can convince them to do a stream with me eventually or something.