The Mandolorian is so freakin tight.

Disney+ launch exclusive, The Mandolorian, is a real good show and you should watch it if you’re not already.

I’ve never really been a super fan of Star Wars. I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched the original trilogy in it’s entirety. But I do like Star Wars, It’s got a certain charm to it. Just feels kind of magical. So I usually just say I like the franchise and leave it at that. Which I shouldn’t really have to explain because that’s how people enjoy most things. Star Wars for some reason has this weird thing where if you like it then you’re obligated to REALLY like it. Which is lame. I just want to enjoy things. Watching people fight with laser swords is BA. Space battles are cool. Let’s just enjoy them.

ANYWAY. Rant about the weird toxic fandom aside. The Mandolorian is a very good show.

Why? The thing that stood out to me immediately was the lack of dialogue. If you were watching you may not have even noticed, but the first episode contains very little dialogue, and the second episode almost none. Why is this a good thing? Because it shows extreme competency by the director to have the story be told without the crutch of exposition conversations. Everything in this show is just screaming with “Show don’t tell” and the experience is elevated by the incredible sound design we’ve come to expect from Star Wars as a franchise. It feels like everything you’re seeing or hearing on the screen is there for a reason.

The main character, the titular “Mandolorian”, is the typical strong silent type, but is surprisingly charismatic. No easy feat when your character is always wearing a helmet! The mask acting from Pedro Pascal is phenomenal and completely sells this kickass no-nonsense bounty hunter, and somehow manages to do all of it while having his face completely obscured. The bits where he does use his few words are some of the highlights of the episode for me because you briefly get to peak at the mysterious figure behind that armour.

The Mandolorian is visually beautiful, audibly beautiful, and generally just a cool experience. I’m really looking forward to more episodes. If you were casually thinking about picking this one up, I would say it’s absolutely worth a watch.