The Most Unwanted Song

When scientists decide to write music, it probably won’t go well. Especially when they set out to make the worst song according to popular opinion. To be fair, their actual goal was to make the most wanted song according to polls. As a control, to show that their method worked, they made the most unwanted song too. It’s got a rapping opera singer, rapping about cowboys, racism, and philosophy. It’s got children singing about Christmas, Ramadan, Halloween, and many more holidays, while encouraging people to shop at Walmart. It’s all backed by a cacophony of instruments all playing over each other. There’s long harp solos, there’s accordion and banjo, there’s bagpipes, there’s flutes and recorders. It’s absolutely terrible.

I’ll be honest, I’ve only made it about 7 minutes in, which isn’t even half of the song. It’s 22 minutes long, and it is way too painful for me to sit through any longer than that. Here’s the song itself, see if you can make it further than me.