This photo is INSANE

When you look at this picture it doesn’t seem all that special at all, that is. Until you zoom out a bit.

And then you zoom out more.

and then you zoom out EVEN MORE!

This picture uses technology that makes it posisble for it to be 24.9 BILLION WITH A B pixels. That means that not only can you see every flower and every expression on the face of every pedestrian, you can also see fun stuff like this.

I can tell that whoever works in this building uses an Apple computer, even though if you zoom out, you wouldn’t even think that seeing into that building would be possible!

Look how tiny the logo on the building looks in that last one! And in the one where you can see the logo, the apple computer is almost impossible to see. It’s crazy, and it definitely looks better when it hasn’t been compressed by a screen capture and then processed by Paint, so I’m sorry I can’t quite do it justice here.

It’s also 360 degrees, so you can see WAY more than I could ever show here. Take a look for yourself through this link, and see if you can find anything fun.