Top Ten Things to Look Forward to in Mario Maker 2

Nintendo put out a special Direct on Wednesday all about Mario Maker 2, which is coming out on June 28th. Personally, I don’t know if I’ve been this excited for a game since Mario Odyssey was announced. Below is my list of the top ten things they’re adding into this game, but I wanted to start off with a couple honourable mentions.

The Swinging Claw and Snake Blocks look pretty neat, but I don’t feel like they really add or change anything too much to the game. At least not nearly as much as the other things. Also, this is just a personal gripe, but I’ve watched 6 or so live reactions to the direct, and every single one was like “Wow that claw is totally crazy and new” despite the fact that we got something very similar way back on the Gameboy in Super Mario Land 2. That’s all. Let’s get to the list.

10: Literally everything from 3D World.
With a completely new style, they’ve added a TON of new things to the game. So many things in fact, that they had to completely separate it from the other styles. It’s a little lame that you don’t get to play with those elements in every game style, but I don’t think it’s too bad. Capes have always been exclusive to Mario World, Tanooki for Mario 3, and so on. I also wanted to bring special attention to Banzai Bills, which are new to every style, but in 3D World, they get the added function of flying directly towards the screen. On the menu, it also says “other styles” with an s. Like plural styles that are segregated from the rest. So there’s a distinct chance we’ll see another game represented here too. My money is on Mario Land 2, since they added the claw, but it’s probably more likely that it’s Mario Bros 2.

9: Brand New Themes
4 completely new themes, the Desert, Sky, Snow, and Forest are coming to the game. For the most part it’s just aesthetic changes, but the Forest theme comes with special water that can have it’s level adjusted however you want through the level. If you want half the level to be underwater you can. If you want the water to rise and fall, you can. It’s gonna be really cool to see how that’s implemented. Also, and this is just the music nerd in me, but I’m absolutely living for the new songs for these themes, written by Koji Kondo. They capture the feeling of the theme, while also staying true to the musical styling of whichever game they’re representing.

8: Vertical Sub Areas
When you go through a pipe, there’s now a chance you’ll wind up in a vertical level, where you’ll have to climb to the top, or make your way down to the botttom. Also I never mentioned this, but autoscrolling has received a total overhaul. You can set how fast the screen scrolls, whether the screen moves up or down, where and when it does so, and you can even change the speed of the scrolling in each section of the level. Also also, there’s a cool new feature in the non-vertical levels (I know this is supposed to be about vertical areas, but shh) where you can put a wall all the way up the screen, in order to stop the screen from scrolling. This is going to completely change how a lot of makers make puzzle levels, and I can see it being a really important tool in their belt.

7: Dry Bones Shell
This item functions kinda like the helmets from the first Mario Maker, mixed with the Goomba Shoe. It makes you completely immune to lava, and you can let it crumble, to give yourself temporary invincibility, ala Tanooki Statue from Mario 3.

6: On/Off Switch
These take a cue from Super Mario World ROM hacks, and they have special blocks that they can turn solid or not. They’ve also got the power to change the direction of conveyor belts, change tracks like in the actual original game, and likely a few more things. In the 3D world theme, they can control spike blocks, so I imagine there’s more that can be done that they just didn’t show.

5: Clear Conditions
This literally changes how you play the game, and there’s a ton of different possibilities. Get to the end while big, get a certain number of coins, defeat a certain number of enemies, escort a toad to the finish, and probably others that have yet to be revealed. Finally coins can have a real value!

4: Slopes
Doesn’t seem like something as simple as a slope would be such a big deal, but as pretty much any creator and most every active player will tell you, slopes COMPLETELY change the game. Even moreso than the stuff that like… literally changes the game. I’m not enough of an active player to be able to tell you exactly why this is so important, but there’s plenty of people on the internet right now raving about slopes.

3: Literally everything about Online
Endless mode is replacing the 100 Mario Challenge, and it looks like it’s a bit more fleshed out. One notable thing is that you start off with only 3 or 5 lives, (not sure exactly how many), and while you can still only get 3 extra lives per level, I think that’s probably a good thing, since online leaderboards are based off how far you can get in the challenge before you Game Over. Online Multiplayer is looking amazing. I’m sure the vs mode is really going to be great. Kinda like NSMBWii. Honestly what I’m into though is the co-op mode, because I don’t like competitions very much. If you want to just play a level, you can search by tag now, so if you’re really into a puzzle level which, who isn’t, you can find what you’re looking for that way. There’s a bunch of different kinds of tags to choose from, so play around and find what you like the most. There’s also the comments system which is no longer tied to MiiVerse. A lot of people’s favourite part of the original was the comments system, and I know a ton of people stopped playing as soon as MiiVerse went down. Finally, and probably the coolest in my opinion, even though it’s kinda dumb, is the maker profiles. Basically, you can customize an avatar with parts you unlock by playing the game, and some of them look really cool. You can have a rocket replace your legs. You can wear an animated shirt with something from the game on it. It looks really cool. I live for customizable characters in games.

2: A Dedicated Story Mode
I’ve been wanting this ever since MM1. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really have people to play games with, or at least I didn’t until very recently, so a game having a good story mode is a huge deal to me. I’m probably going to go through and 100% complete story mode before I even attempt to create a level, or do any online stuff honestly. It’s a great showcase of the new stuff in the game, and some of the old concepts that people playing this game without ever having played the first might not know. Apparently there’s 100+ levels made by Nintendo, so like… It could be argued that this is just the new 2D Mario game, just with all the user created content added on there too.

And number 1. I’d say “Drumroll please” but this is a text blog, and also let’s be honest, you probably scrolled down to see what number 1 was long before you got to here organically just reading it. (It’s a lot of words, I don’t blame you.)

1: Night versions of each theme
Alright before you tell me this is a dumb number 1, think about it. All 10 themes get a special night version, and they each get something new and special about them. The sky theme has gravity like you’re in space. The snow theme gets really slippery. The underground gets flipped upside down. Also, I wanted to note something. In the Direct, they never mentioned what 3 of the themes are like in night time. Airships, Underwater, and Castle. So there’s still surprises for us to find. The way you unlock this initially is by using the alternate form of everyone’s favourite enemy from Mario 3, the angry sun. It becomes a moon which instead of killing Mario, clears an entire screen of enemies. You don’t have to have the moon in the level to make it night time though, so no worries if you’re trying to make a Kaizo level and don’t want to make it too easy by including a screen wipe. Also, there’s been a popular challenge in the Super Mario 64 community called the “green demon challenge,” where you get a 1-up to chase you while you attempt to collect the stars, and if it catches you, you lose. A lot of fans have made fan-games which actually make the 1-up straight up take a life from Mario, and they coloured it Purple to denote this. In the night time theme, the 1-up mushroom turns purple and starts chasing mario, and hurts him if it touches him. A reference to the fan community perhaps?

All in all, I’m extremely excited for this game, and I can’t wait to sink hundreds of hours into it in my free time!