10 Reasons to love fall

Fall (autumn for all your Europeans out there) is objectively the best season. This is just a simple rule of nature and there’s really nothing we can do about it.

As we move from this equinox forward, lets take a second to appreciate all the good things about fall.


  1. Sweater weather. I’m at my most comfortable when I’m in a nice baggy crewneck or flannel, and this is doable during other seasons, but only during fall is it socially acceptable and actually socially encouraged.
  2. Food. Thanksgiving is coming up, meaning we get to enjoy all that rich food. turkey, stuffing, pies. You name it.
  3. Smell. MMMM smell that in the morning? That’s the delicious smell of decomposing leaves and wet dirt. Smells good right??
  4. Halloween. The Spookiest day of the year is a holiday with activities for every single age bracket. Kids are trick or treating. Adults are doing things they’ll regret in 20 years, and older adults are assisting with the trick or treating. Everyone wins!
  5. colours! Ah yes the trees are all changing and it is BEAUTIFUL
  6. pumpkin spice. You either love it or hate it. If you hate it that’s fine but let the rest of us enjoy it in peace okay?
  7. No bugs.
  8. It’s suddenly acceptable to stay inside all day. Now that summer is over, there’s no pressure to go be in the sun or whatever nonsense Jerry is on you about.
  9. Thanksgiving. Yeah it’s on the list twice because I just really like turkey.
  10. Candles. Take everything I just mentioned, stick it in a comforting little tube of wax, light it on fire and now we’re reaching levels of comfy that shouldn’t even be possible.