A Canadian Hero

Kevin Michael Vickers… Canada’s Sergeant-at-Arms… is being hailed as a hero after shooting the Parliament Hill gunman in Ottawa.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau entered the Hall of Honour after fatally shooting soldier Nathan Frank Cirillo at the National War Memorial just off the Parliament property.

He was carrying a weapon and just waltzed right in.

Sergeant Kevin Vickers came out of his office carrying a pistol… and saw the gunman coming in his direction.

Vickers then unloaded a lot of shots… killing the terrorist.

This was exactly what he was trained for.
He had 29-years of experience in the RCMP when he took the position of director of security operations at the House of Commons back in 2005.

His job description?
As the Sergeant-at-Arms, Vickers is responsible for safeguarding the authority of the House of Commons and for the safety and security of the Parliament buildings and their occupants, ensuring and controlling access to the House of Commons.

Vickers has received several commendations throughout his career, including being recognized by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency for “outstanding contribution to drug enforcement.”

He wasn’t the only one ready for this though.
The security staff at Parliament Hill had been extensively trained for that exact scenario that unfolded yesterday.
They even rehearsed how to hide behind the marble pillars and return fire.
There’s a good chance that the procedures and training… saved lives

In the end it was the quick actions of Sergeant Kevin Michael Vickers that saved the day.
A Canadian Hero.