AB Provincial Election Update — April 15th, 2019

With the 2019 Alberta Election just one day away, the latest polls are indicating that the Alberta NDP has narrowed the gap on the United Conservative Party.

With only one day left for Alberta voters to make up their minds, a new poll is suggesting the majority of the province’s support remains with the United Conservative Party.

However, the Alberta NDP has made things interesting the passed number of weeks, as the New Democrats now only trail by a 10-point gap with tomorrow’s election looming.

After Vancouver NDP mayor Kennedy Stewart said he plans to make Vancouver “carbon-free” by the year 2040, UCP leader Jason Kenney is now saying he can make it happen in half the time.

Jason Kenney is promising to make Vancouver carbon-free in 2020, by turning off the taps, if B.C. governments do not halt their efforts to block Alberta resources from reaching the coast. Kenney added on Friday night in Edmonton that he would turn off the taps within an hour of being sworn in, if elected as premier tomorrow.

Stephen Mandel isn’t happy after reports of fraudulent phone calls being made to Albertans surfaced over the weekend.

The Alberta Party leader is calling on the Elections Commissioner as well as RCMP to intervene in what he is calling “fraudulent election activities”, after it was determined that a robo-call was circulating featuring a voice pretending to be him. The voice feigning to be the Alberta Party leader then tells the person on the other line to vote for the UCP.

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan has announced the Alberta Liberal Plan for AGLC Reforms.

In a statement, Khan stated that an Alberta Liberal government would reform AGLC to grow business and boost lifestyle choices for Albertans. This would include modernizing both alcohol and cannabis regulations, while promising to give Albertans more freedom and fun.

Khan then added that his government would work to eliminate numerous restrictions on alcohol sale and consumption, and also allow liquor at festivals. They would allow liquor at picnics in public parks, and also make it easier to acquire a liquor license for special events.

The Alberta NDP are sticking to their guns in saying that Diversification of the energy sector is the best option for the province.

A new press release by the Alberta NDP states that in addition to cuts to overtime, workers are saying that Kenney would jeopardize efforts to increase efficiency in the sector. The NDP adds that efforts are needed to keep the sector competitive with the fracking boom in the United States, and to meet carbon pricing systems in new markets.

Almost 700,000 votes were cast during advancing voting ahead of the Alberta election.

696,000 Albertans cast their ballots during the advanced voting period, which is a new record for the province. That’s almost triple the amount of ballots cast in 2015’s advanced polls, when about 235,000 people voted early. In 2008, about 64,000 people voted in the advance polls.