AB Provincial Election Update — April 1st, 2019

The Alberta NDP and UCP have both released their full platforms ahead of this Spring’s provincial election.

With just over 2 weeks until the 2019 Alberta Election, NDP leader Rachel Notley is saying her plan diversifies our economy, builds new schools and hospitals and balances the budget – all while preserving Alberta’s strongest balance sheet in Canada.

Some of the key platform commitments made by Notley yesterday include building the Trans-Mountain Pipeline and super-charging the Made-In-Alberta Plan to upgrade our resources, attracting $75 billion in private sector investment and creating 75,000 jobs.

In addition the NDP will look to help school children by building 70 new schools and hiring 1000 new support staff and teachers.

The Alberta NDP government is also saying they’ll reduce the price of Kombucha across the province if re-elected this spring. The NDP says the move is aimed at improving the gut health of Albertans, many of whom cannot afford the everyday prices of Kombucha. There’s still no word on if this is an April Fools’ joke perpetrated by the New Democrats.

In addition to yesterday’s NDP announcement the United Conservative Party has also unveiled their full platform ahead of April 16th. The platform is based around reducing the deficit by the end of four years, partly by freezing spending and reducing taxes, in hopes of sparking much needed industry growth.

Jason Kenney will also be looking to cut several NDP planned projects, including the construction of a 640 million dollar super lab in Edmonton. The UCP has also hired a firm, Stokes Economics, to prepare its proposed budget for the province. The same firm was used by the Saskatchewan Party to develop it’s 2007 election platform.

Kenny’s main objective when it comes to the Oil and Gas sector is to eliminate several revenue sources, with the goal of reducing the burden to companies and sparking economic growth. The party would cut the carbon tax, withdraw from the federal Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund, and implement the Job Creation Tax Cut. This would effectively drop the corporate tax rate from 12 per cent to eight per cent.

Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel is saying he’ll regulate the massage therapy industry under the Health Professions Act if elected this spring.

On Sunday The Alberta Party leader spoke in Edmonton, saying he would establish a regulatory college of massage therapy in Alberta consistent with that of the other health professions covered under the Health Professions Act. This move would make Alberta the sixth provincial health agency in Canada to regulate massage therapy.

Alberta’s Liberal Leader David Khan is now pledging to upgrade health care with $250 Million in funding if elected this Spring. Yesterday the party unveiled their Sustainable Healthcare Strategy, aimed at driving down costs for services as well as address a number of gaps, including a deficit in the number of long-term care beds.

The Alberta Liberal leader says he will also invest $150 Million in home-care and assisted living, and commission a preventative health care task force.