AGDQ was the best

Awesome Games Done Quick is a marathon charity fundraiser hosted in Florida and streamed on which raises money for Cancer Prevention. They do this by… Speedrunning! (Hence the name). I want to talk about it because it’s super cool and I think you’ll like it too.

So what are we actually doing here? What is speedrunning? Speedrunning is a way of playing video games where players simply try to complete the game as fast as possible. That’s basically it.

Each game has it’s own standard set of categories and rules for those categories, but in a general sense, players are allowed to use any means necessary to progress the game to the end. The most popular category for runs is called “any %”, which means the run is complete when the end of the game is reached, no matter what percentage of the game you actually see. For example: In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, they trick the game into warping them to the final boss within the first level

That is totally and apologetically an abuse of glitches and for this category it’s within the rules. It’s ANY %.

There’s also glitchless runs which take… significantly longer. (that’s 3 hours and 37 minutes compared to just under 17)

And all speedruns are really cool. Almost every video game which has ever been made or will be made has a committed community of fans dedicated to absolutely just breaking it into pieces so they can run it as fast as possible. It’s awesome.

But it gets even more awesome because events like AGDQ exist! Runners are invited to participate in a week long marathon fundraiser event where all they do is showcase the games which they’ve been practicing. There’s bonus incentives for donating such as showcasing alternative strategies, bonus games, making choices for the stream such as naming the character. There’s raffles to be won too which is just a little extra.

This year was GDQ’s tenth year of doing this event and they raised a shocking 3.1 MILLION DOLLARS for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

It’s absolutely astounding to me that a silly event where people just play video games and flex on their friends would be able to raise such an incredible amount in just one week but hey whatever works man.

So do you have a favourite game? I highly recommend you do a quick google search for speedruns and enjoy watching someone absolutely break apart that game for fun.