An uneducated review of ‘The 100’

I’ve said many times I don’t watch TV. I just haven’t really cared for or had the patience to watch a series in many years.

UNLESS it’s a social event. Then suddenly I’m all about it. What I mean is, I’ve had the very pleasurable experience of watching certain shows, just because I’m in the same room as my girlfriend. I watched Game of Thrones in a weird mix of chronological order. That’s a story for another time, but today I will review the show ‘The 100’ even though I’ve only seen parts of season 4, all of season 5, and all but the last two episodes of season 6. So keep in mind I haven’t seen the majority of this show, these are just my impressions from what I have seen. Take it with a grain of salt.

The review:

I’ll say it right at the start, this show is not very good. But I must reiterate, I haven’t seen most of it and that’s kinda the point of this review.

From what I have seen, this is a show where multiple factions of people threaten to kill each other, and rarely actually do so. There’s a party of people who I *think* are supposed to be the protagonists and they spend most of their time going “wow this person is a jerk” but they mix up who they think is a jerk on a regular basis. Often its the leader(?) of their party named Clark who is the jerk. Somehow Clark continues to be the boss despite no one liking her. I like her, she’s cool and the actor who plays her (Eliza Taylor) does a really really good job.

I’m struggling to write this review because I’m trying to remember what even happens in this show. The plot is really exhausting and the characters change their motivations upwards of three times an episode EACH. The writers seem to have “twists” confused with “progress”. If an episode starts with everyone hating Clark because she didn’t recycle her plastic bottle, the episode will have a redemption moment for everyone, then probably end with them remembering they hate her because of a detail which hadn’t been revealed until JUST NOW then they roll the credits.

I *think* the plot is supposed to be about different horrible factions fighting for the right to live on the only habitable part of the planet, and losing their humanity in the progress. Kind of like a Garden of Eden story where no one actually deserves anything but they will fight for it nonetheless. They don’t spend much time actually doing that, like I said they spend most of their time betraying each other then saying sorry, then saying sorry to the people they betrayed them to, then betraying them again.

There’s another party of people who used to live in a hole but now they don’t? This group of people seems to be really large (like a couple hundred people maybe??) but you only ever see 3 of them at a time which is confusing. They are led by a crazy person named Octavia and she spends most of her time telling other people that everything she does is for the strength of her people and then she kills them. I think she would be a really cool character if I knew why she was a character so this one’s kind of on me. This party is A LOT less important to the plot than the amount of screen time they take up would have you believe.

In conclusion: This show makes no sense. This is not a shocking revelation considering the circumstances of the review. Actually I don’t think the point of failure is me missing the context of the first three seasons, I think the point of failure is that this show isn’t about anything. Nothing ever happens. Things actually happen 30 times an episode, but because of their frequency they start being inconsequential in the greater scheme of things.