Anime Day 2: Tokyo Revengers

Finally, it is time for Anime Day 2! Today’s episode is Tokyo Revengers. Now I have heard a lot of good things about this show so the fact that the first episode is free now is all the more reason to check it out.

I am glad I did too because this show was not quite what I was expecting. I heard that it was about middle school gangs but what I didn’t expect was time travel. This is something that I have heard no one mention. So, if a time-travelling mystery involving gangs sounds at all interesting I would recommend giving this first episode a watch. Now before I get too spoilery here it is…

Alright! what did you think? It made me really want to watch the next episode. If a show has done that I’d say it is pretty good.

let’s start off at the beginning.

I was not expecting his death right off the bat. I mean does kickstart the whole show but it was definitely unexpected. Followed by him getting sent back in time with all the knowledge of his present self. He can then successfully warn his ex-girlfriend’s brother that he is going to die, this in turn saves him in the future…whoa. I see why everyone was saying this was interesting.

I guess the only critique I have is why are they so young. I feel like that is something that anime tends to do a lot. They keep saying this is middle school when these could also be potentially high school students and I feel like everything would still work the same but so far it hasn’t taken me out of the world yet…to be fair it’s only been one episode.

Overall I think that was pretty great and am now probably going to have to go watch the rest.

-Jared Gomes