Anime Day 3: Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Okay, a different kind of anime they showed here today. This one is called Masamune-Kun’s Revenge. Going by that title you kind of get an idea of what the show is about…or do you?

Going into this I knew nothing about this show, so it was a first-time experience for me as well. At the start, we get introduced to our main character and we learn that he is a little vain and narcissistic. Apparently, there is a reason for this that stems back to his childhood. Speaking of his childhood there was a girl he knew back then who he had a crush on. She utterly destroyed his heart so on that day he vowed vengeance…see where this is going.

So skipping back to the present day our protagonist is attending a new school. He meets a girl who appears to rule the school. She dismisses any guy that tries to ask her out…and what do you know that is the same girl from his childhood.

So that is the basic plot. Our protagonist wants to seek utter revenge on her and break her heart. The same way that she did to him.

This first episode introduces the premise well enough. It lays out a lot of seeds and we even get to see the protagonist get a little dirt on his enemy and start to build up his scheme. We have also been introduced to a bunch of side characters as well that I feel will play a bigger part as the show continues. I am curious to see where this goes and what happens next. If this little summary sounds at all interesting to you check out the first episode below!

-Jared Gomes