Artistic Illusions!

I was speaking with a very old friend earlier this morning.  We were talking about an old picture I used to have on my wall when I lived in BC.   I couldn’t believe he remembered THAT.  Of all the things we could reflect on, he brought up a picture I had totally forgotten about.   I couldn’t even remember the name of the company.   That got us chatting about having selective memory as we get older.  (Face it, we all have experiences we wish we could forget).  I obviously wanted to forget investing ANY KIND of money in this picture.   Anyway, I managed to find several posts about these pictures online.   You may even recall your very own “MAGIC EYE PRINTS”.  (I posted mine on this article).   It must have been quite the conversation piece.   I don’t even remember what the illusion was, to be honest.   Flash forward to NOW – – this video will show you the craziest artistic illusion you’ll see all day.  Enjoy.

Schu’s Thought Starter:   What’s the all time worst thing you ever invested in? Why?