BACK TO SCHOOL: Healthy Lunches

Looking at a lot of studies, experts all agree that a balanced diet is huge when helping a child in a learning environment.

Something like adding spinach into a sandwich can help with giving a natural energy boost.
Carbs from potatoes can give a slow release throughout the day.
And to help with concentration levels, a good balance of fruit is key, especially berries.
Things like salmon & boiled eggs help with Omega-3 levels, which can boost brain function.

These food tips can go a long way in helping your children perform well at school.

And then add a healthy drink to top it off.

Most studies still point to making the lunches interesting.
This can be done by spicing up the foods, cutting them into neat shapes for the young ones, and yes, adding some foods that would be maybe considered unhealthy.

One expert using the 80/20 rule.
80% healthy
20% indulgence

Good Luck packing all those lunches, and I hope it’s a great school year!