Bad Passwords

Last year’s top passwords have been released.
The most common password? 123456
Not a good password people!

The word password was used 2nd most…
followed by 12345, 12345678, and qwerty.

No wonder peoples accounts get hacked!
After all those easy ones… the most common words used were baseball, dragon, and football. The only real words in the top 10.

Obviously there are people out there that need help in this department… so here are a few ideas for passwords:

ISIS is all caps… so you have that in your password… plus the year gives you numbers. Should be a safe and solid password.

You could also use… oilpricesSUCK2015
I’d capitalize the SUCK part.

Or the best one that I’ve got for you…

I wouldn’t put the year in that one… because it doesn’t matter what year it is.. they suck.