Big Bad Borders 1

You know, a lot of borders of countries and provinces were made a long long time ago. Back before satellite images of the Earth existed, what we had to go on was our very limited knowledge of the lands. Which… hadn’t been explored yet. Because of this, We get things like this image, where the border was set to go to “the north-westernmost part of Lake Michigan,” except they didn’t realize how North that north-westernmost point actually was.

But hey, at least there aren’t any borders that cut off a whole actual town from the country they’re a part of, right?

oh no.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Everone Else, let me introduce you to Point Roberts.

A long long time ago, the Canada-US border was set to be the 49th Parallel, but they knew that was probably going to be a problem when it came to Vancouver Island, so cleverly they moved the border South around the big island. What they didn’t realize is that there’s a small town just East of there which could have also benefited from having the border moved from there too. There’s so much wrong with this image, but imagine being a student there. The school in Point Roberts only goes to Grade 3, so any students from grade 4 on, have to take a 40 minute bus ride, crossing the border to Canada, and then back into America again just to go to school. Every morning.

There’s also no healthcare services there whatsoever. No Hospital, Dentist, or even Veterinary Clinics. Pretty much sounds like a terrible place to live, but there’s still around a thousand people living there, so it’s probably not as bad as it seems. I’m just an outsider looking in, but boy is that just a bad border.