Black Friday!


We keep hearing about the ‘super deals’ to be had on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I’ve read a few articles done by ‘secret shoppers’.  They have discovered the deals REALLY aren’t that good.  It appears people are buying into the hype (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, right?  The Need To Belong?)  Have you scored a great deal in the past?  Are you going to shop online this year.   If so, here are 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD AVOID BUYING ON BLACK FRIDAY:

Winter Gear- The retail world is smart, they know shoppers are on the lookout for deals on winter gear during November. Mark LoCastro, a spokesman for sale aggregator at, urges bargain shoppers to wait until January for the perfect deals on winter clothing.

Tools- Advertisements will tell you that you can save big on tools during Black Friday, but the truth is you can find better deals on high quality tools in the Spring.’s “2014 Tools Buying Survey” ranked Father’s Day the best time to of the year for buying tools.

Cheap Tablets- Lots of stores use cheap tablets to bring in shoppers. “These usually carry very minimal specs and you will likely end up with a slow buggy tablet,” says Jeff Lee, a spokesperson for Totally not worth it!

Bed Linen- If you are looking for high-end linens, Black Friday is not the time to buy. Wait until January, when stores switch out colors and heavy comforters for the deals.

Decorations- Christmas decorations and wrapping paper is tempting to buy, but they really go on sale after the holidays. But, Target is offering some deals on plastic trees and certain decorations for this Black Friday.

Fitness Equipment- The expert’s say that November is the worst time to buy fitness equipment or clothing.

Doorbuster TVs- Everyone loves a good deal on a fancy TV. More likely than not, these great deals are for lower-end models and the best models are cheaper after the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Airline and Vacation Packages- Itching for a vacation? Turns out, even though sites will use Black Friday to fill up rooms, January is when the real deals become available. Canadians get really good deals at the end of winter and spring months. End of Fall, beginning of Winter are two periods where Canadians are going to get gouged.

Luxury Goods- A employee says, “It’s much better to get jewelry and watches in December, when retailers panic and try to sell their overstock.”

Perishable Gift Packages- These items are best to buy the closer it gets to Christmas, so wait it out a few weeks.