Bread update – The Brioche Bhronicles

I have created brioche. I think. I’ve never actually had brioche before this so there’s a chance that I’ve created something which is actually not brioche but I have no frame of reference so I’m just gonna say it was a success and call it a day.

I think I’m starting to understand why this got so popular during the summer. It’s very time consuming and that’s actually a good thing. This weekend I was needed something to do and I thought “well why don’t I try a more complex bread recipe than just normal white bread?”. Did like 3 seconds of googling, clicked the first result, got the recipe, starting working on it. My monkey brain really doesn’t take much to start fixating. 30 seconds after the thought we’re already baking.
It killed an hour or so. Gotta measure all the ingredients and do all the prep work and then you gotta actually DO it. Luckily my new stand mixer made it doable, because brioche requires an ungodly amount of mixing to incorporate an absurd amount of butter and then needs an equivalent amount of kneading.
And then you don’t even have bread cause it’s gotta proof overnight! What a scam. Now my random Saturday activity is also my random Sunday activity too. But it’s all worth it in the end because now I have an entire loaf of bread I have to force myself to eat by the end of the week before it goes stale. Yeehaw.