Daft Punk Split

You probably already know what’s up so I’ll just keep it brief: This morning Daft Punk dropped a new 8 minute video on their YouTube Channel titled Epilogue. Shortly afterwards, their publicist confirmed for us the Daft Punk have officially split up.

No additional details are known right now about why, or if either of the pair will continue solo, or go do other things. All we know is: Daft Punk is no more.

And that’s fine. It made me sad when I found out, but all good things come to an end, and the fact that they were even still together in the first place was a bit surprising.

I’ve been a Daft Punk fan since I found their music when I was like 12. 12 is a good age for finding music for the first time. It’s like your just autonomous enough to start picking what kind of music you like on your own. And even though most people would be very embarrassed by their choices in music at the time (it was a big dubstep thing for me. Gross.), I also think those choices are pretty foundational to what we like when we grow up.

For me it started with their Discovery Album. Arguably their greatest album. Seriously just go listen to Discovery front to back. It’s just back to back bangers.

Or if you’re not the type of person to just listen to music, go watch Interstella 5555. The movie is just the whole Discovery album but gives your eyes something to do. Just an absolutely  phenomenal album.

It’s been a good run, ya dang French Robots! Keep jammin.