Detective Pikachu is coming soon, and I can’t wait

On May 10th, we’re going to get to see the world of Pokemon like we’ve never seen before. Everything is almost hyper-realistic in this world, and it honestly really works, I mean just look how ADORABLE that good good electric mouse is! At first, like a lot of people, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the way it looked, but every time I see something new, I just get more excited. Let’s not forget the fact that Ryan Reynolds is the titular character, and from everything I’ve seen so far, he is knocking it out of the park. Besides the two official trailers we’ve gotten, Reynolds has released four videos on his personal channel showing off either small scenes from the film, or just goofing off with the pokemon, and really making the world feel more alive and real.

I think for me, that’s the part that is so cool about it. It looks like this world is a place you could actually travel to. I’m sure the story is going to be fantastic, but for me the appeal as a Pokemon fan is by far the believability of the world it’s set in. Imagine walking through a forest and having Morelull light up when you walk past, or seeing Golurk working as crossing guards. Or yes, a Pikachu that thinks he’s a detective. The movie is coming out on May 10th, and it WILL be showing at River City Cinema. I was just looking on their website, and I saw they have the title listed incorrectly as just “Pokemon detective” which… That’s not nearly the full name, but okay.

If you haven’t decided whether you want to watch it or not, first of all, yes you do. But also, here’s the trailers that have come out. I’ve definitely watched these all about 10 times each.