Ed Sheeran’s new love song that anyone can sing

Ed Sheeran’s new song “I don’t care” is very nice and it’s a cute love song, and it’s relatable for a lot of people and all, which is great. But what I wanted to focus on was the fact that the song seems to have been written with a very specific theme in mind: being able to be sung along to by anyone. Any time the song refers to the specific person that Ed is singing about, it’s always “My baby,” or “you.” Never once in the song does he or Justin Bieber ever say “she.”

So if you’re a girl who loves her boyfriend, and wants to think the song is about your life, you can. If you’re a man who loves his girlfriend, same. If you love someone non-binary, the song still works. It works for literally every person who loves another person, and I don’t think I’ve seen a song like that coming from someone so prominent in a long time. It’s also nice that it’s like… actually a good song too. Check it out here