Fool proof pasta

Some days you just don’t feel like cooking y’know? But unfortunately these flimsy meat vessels we call our bodies still require food even when we don’t want to get it. Usually that means going to go get some take-out or eating sandwiches. But what if I told you there was a third option! Here is my idgaf meal for those special occasions:

Pesto pasta: Remember that scene from the movie Chef  where the dude seduces Scarlett Johansson by making spaghetti with 3 ingredients? That scene he’s making ‘Aglio e olio’ and this is not that but it’s pretty close. It probably won’t seduce Scarlet Johansson but that’s okay.

All we gotta do is make some pasta. Spaghetti works. Linguine? Sure. Fettuccine? sure why not. Macaroni? That’s less practical but sure.

Once you got the pasta, throw some pesto in it. Throw some chopped tomatoes. Throw some spinach. bada-bing bada-boom that’s done.

I also like throwing Parmesan in it, even though pesto already has it in there. Just cause it tastes good.



10 minutes start to finish, make it tonight.