Friday 5 – Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head


Well we have heard some songs that just seem to get stuck in your head and whether you want them there or not they tend to stick around. Sometimes it can be a favourite of yours or one you would rather forget. This week for the Friday 5 I’m looking at 5 songs that just tend to stay in your head for better or worse.

5. Chubby Checker – Limbo Rock

Kicking it off is the “Limbo Rock” there is just something about the beat and the fun lyrics that will have you not only wanting to find out how low you can go but also have the lyrics stuck in your head for sometime. I dare you to listen and not have it stay in your head.


4. Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline 

We all know the fan interaction that comes with the Neil Diamond classic that is a staple at sporting events notably Boston Red Sox games. The infectious soft-rock, pop track from the late 60s continues on in large part thanks to the ability to love rent free in people minds after hearing it.


3. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Rolling and Family Guy brought this song back into the public consciousness and revitalised Rick Astley’s career. The one hit wonder once heard is an extremely hard song to forget but will have you jamming and daancing.


2. John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

This country song is one that lives and resides in the brains of all that hear it. Once you you first hear it you cannot unhear it, for better or worse. The songs infectious sound and lyrics will be replaying nonstop in your head and without realising it you will belt out the chorus without knowing you are doing it.


1. Any ABBA Song Ever

If there is one artist than created s many songs that get stuck in persons head it was ABBA. Listening to a greatest hits album of theirs shoved knowledge out of my brain and replaced it with lyrics to Waterloo, Mamma Mia, Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie, SOS not to mention Dancing Queen. You can pick any number of ABBA hits and they could be on this list. Safe to say ABBA and their songs will forever live in our brains and at random time appear. The power of disco.


– Everett