Happy Lunar New Year!

Tonight is the beginning of the Spring Festival! AKA: Lunar New Year.

Compared to the other major holidays in Canada, this is not really a big deal at all here, but for 1/6th of the globe, this is the biggest celebration of the year! Not just China but also Korea and Vietnam.

Celebrating the arrival of spring (it’s very much still winter but just go with it) and all the stuff that entails. New beginnings, opportunities, and stuff like that.

Did you know! There’s no set date for lunar new year. That’s because it goes with the… now hold on to your hats here… the moon. It’s somewhere between January 21st and February 20th

Lunar new year is also the time with the largest consumption of fireworks! You’d think it would be new years (Solar new year? Gregorian new year? New year new year?) but no. Because fireworks are a much bigger part of this celebration, more get used. Firecrackers especially! Those poor poor dogs have gotta deal with fireworks for at least 3 nights, and after that potentially even a week afterwards. Did anyone else have that thing where there was fireworks being set off at night every day this summer? Kinda familiar.

That being said, due to air pollution concerns, lots of cities ban fireworks. These bans just don’t usually stop anyone.

Starting tomorrow it’ll be the year of the ox. A nice sturdy animal. Can fit a lot of grass in those things I hear. Not as good as MY birth year animal, the tiger. Just sayin.