Hey Denmark what’s the deal with your kids show?

As we all celebrated the grounding of Caillou yesterday, a slightly different kids show was also doing the rounds on the internet.

A kids show from Denmark titled “John Dillermand” is an animated children’s show about the man with the world’s longest schlong. Yes I’m serious. His name literally means “John Penis Man” so it’s kind of his whole aesthetic. His massive prehensile weiner and the trouble it gets him into as he goes about his day.

You can actually watch the episodes for free too.

Obviously this is pretty shocking to our western sensibilities but I’m told Denmark just has different cultural standards. They’re pretty body positive over there which I think is amusing. I bet they might be offended by how violent some parts of our media can be. You ever think about how weird it is that you can show a gun fight on tv but can’t show a nipple? Weird.

We might not be able to show any nipples on tv but apparently in Denmark you can show a crazy animated phallus.