I Don’t Know What Time It Is.

My phone is 100% messed up, because yesterday it actually didn’t change for Daylight Savings. Seriously, I was on the phone when the time change happened, and my phone just straight up didn’t do the change, so I asked my boyfriend what his phone said the time was, and we were off by an hour from each other. (That screenshot was taken at that time, and I was in my bed, in Peace River.) When I woke up yesterday, my phone was still off by an hour, and I spent all day like that. My computer’s clock was working fine, but my phone was at the same time as the clocks that I never touched in the house. I decided before bed that I wanted to fix things, so I rebooted my phone. Success! It moved forward the hour! Cut to me getting in to the office this morning and finding out that for some reason, now my phone is AHEAD by an hour! If I was standing in my kitchen with my laptop, I could literally see three very different times at once. All this despite the fact that just two days ago, all three of those clocks said the same number, and there were no issues.

As a guy who was born and raised in Fort St. John, a place which doesn’t have Daylight Savings Time, this all just makes no sense to me. There’s nothing about this process which makes life any better or easier in any way, and the idea of “getting more hours of sunlight” is laughable to me too because when we get to the summer, the sun stays out until like midnight anyways lol.

When I went to camp as a kid, we learned about sundials, which tell the time based off the position of the sun. It was slightly off from our clocks, but not by a whole lot. If you were going by a sundial in Peace River, you’d have a really bad time, because we’re so far west in the time zone that Solar Noon is at 2pm in the summer. This means that someone a 150 years ago living in Peace River working “9 to 5” according to their clocks would be working “11 to 7” according to ours. You can see how this presents a problem for people like me, who are definitely not morning people, and who stay up until about 1 or 2am naturally. If I’m up until what my body naturally wants to stay up until, and I have to work at “9am,” I’m getting 5 hours of sleep tops.

All in all, I just don’t understand why we still keep up with this tradition, and why we don’t just move our clocks back, and keep them there. Sure, half the year we’d be in line with Vancouver, but we’d also always be one hour away from Saskatchewan, which just makes sense from a geographical perspective. Solar Noon would be at around 1pm the whole year instead of around 2pm half the year. We could also just do the China thing, and make the whole country the same time zone, since we’re already saying “noon” two hours early, the numbers we call the time are arbitrary.