I Made a Tiktok (Mistake?)

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tiktok at some point, right? That one guy in that one country foolishly decided that he wanted to try and get rid of it because a bunch of kids made fun of him on there. That’s the one. Well if you’ve never taken the time to check it out, let me just say, it’s really not as scary as everyone keeps making it out to be. It has this way of showing you the kinds of videos you’re most likely to want to watch. After you’re on there for about a half hour, it knows enough about you to know what you want to see.

One thing that’s also nice is the ability the app gives you to share videos you like whenever and wherever you want. And it’s also really easy for anyone at all to start making content on there whenever they want, and well… The other day I made a video on there showing off an aspect of my life that I usually tend to keep under control.


I only eat it like 3 times a week what is wrong with me?? #fyp #imdumb #whatswrongwithme #anyoneelse #cereal

♬ original sound – Donald Truscott

So yeah… I have an overabundance of cereal boxes…

I feel like I should try and explain myself, see… I can never remember while I’m out shopping, whether or not I have cereal at home. Or at least, which ones I do have. When cereal is on sale, Donny buys at least one. And then I run into the problem of my ADHD brain constantly not seeing things when they’re right in front of me, so even though there’s an open box already, I don’t see it, and I open the new box instead. And then the next time I go to eat it, I’m like “Oh I need to make sure I eat the older one first.” But then I don’t remember which one was older, and how much older it is, and if it might be stale, and instead of going through all the steps to throw out any stale cereals I might have, I just… eat a different cereal type that day.

I just finally got on top of all my dishes being cleaned, so I guess the next big project for me, is to get that pile of cereal down to a manageable number.