I might have got a care package from my Family.

So, you might know that I moved here from Hamilton, Ontario. Well, I was living in Halifax, Nova Scotia before going to Fort St. John for two months and then driving all the way to my parents before coming here to Peace River!

Well, my parents were suppose to send a care package for Christmas.

Well, they are the tree to my apple of procrastination because I did not get it until Monday.

It’s okay, we all procrastinate.

Anyways, it was awesome. I got a ton of junk food. There goes my New Year’s Resolution. Just kidding, I never had one.

My brother also sent a My Little Pony stuffed doll from Build a Bear with Batman sounds in it… And I got an Elsa doll as well. Yes, I am an adult… but the word is Adult… I do what I want now. Not really, I got bills like everyone else.

My Family knows me so well.